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posted Oct 19, 2017, 7:20 AM by Unknown user
  • VFW form MUST BE FILLED OUT by 10/20. This will not be accepted late. (Please fill out up to the part that is highlighted) all students are receiving this form today (10/17)
    • this is worth 10 participation points
  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM: VFW Essay Final Draft due Friday 10/20. This is in the form of a 5 paragraph essay. Below are the same attachments from Google Classroom. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ADD HOW MANY WORDS ARE IN YOUR ESSAY AT THE VERY END OF YOUR FINAL DRAFT. 
  • Vocabulary Unit 3 pg. 37-41 are due Monday 10/23
  • Weebly Entry #3 (under the Independent Novel 17-18 tab) due Tuesday 10/24
  • Vocabulary Unit 3 Spelling and Vocabulary test Friday 10/27