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  • Grammar: pg. 158 Exercise 1. The work needs to be done in the Vocabulary/Grammar section of the 3 Subject ELA notebook. It should be labeled with the date and page #. Due tomorrow: Tuesday 9/26
  • Weebly Entry #1 (under the Independent Novel 17-18 tab) due Tuesday 9/26
  • Unit 1 Vocabulary & Spelling test will be Friday 9/25
Hello 7th Grade Families,
     Today, we reviewed the homework for vocabulary. The 7th graders did a great job! After checking all of the vocabulary, we moved on reading more from our class novel, Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. We read chapter 4 and learned 10 things about Opal's mamma. Out of the 10 things we learned, there were three that stuck out the most to the 7th grades. 
     The 1st one was that Opal's mother hated  being a Preacher's wife. In the text it said that she didn't like being under a "microscope" which the 7th graders inferred to mean that she didn't like being judged. 
     The 2nd one was that Opal's mother drank. The preacher explained that she drank all different types of alcohol, and it caused them to fight. This created the most discussion. As a class, we talked about free will; our gift from God. We discussed how/why Opal's mother would have chosen to go down that path and most felt it may have had something to do with how she felt about being a Preacher's wife. We discussed other options that she had such as turning to God and asking for help. As a class, we believe that God would have guided her in the right direction. Unfortunately, she chose to leave instead. Which sparked the third discussion based off of the tenth thing the Preacher told Opal. 
     The 10th thing that Preacher told Opal was that her mother loved her very much. However, Opal's reaction wasn't that of acceptance. Instead, she questioned the Preacher because her mother left her. This brought up the topic of abandonment. 
        All in all, it was an excellent discussion. Although the topic wasn't upbeat, it was one that the student responded to and felt strongly about. We discussed the concept of addiction and how one choice can have a domino effect. We also discussed the reasoning behind DiCamillo's decision to make Opal's mother's character have this disposition. We analyzed that the reasoning was to add conflict to the story. Without this, Opal would not have a challenge and the story would have no plot. I was very proud of the mature conversation that the 7th graders were able to have. 

    After we read, we worked on grammar for about 25 minutes. The 7th graders took notes on: concrete, abstract, collective, and compound nouns. The 7th graders seemed to immediately pick up the concept!

Mrs. Baier