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  • DUE Thursday 9/28: Google Classroom Discussion Question #1: Opal's father told her that her mother HATED being a Preacher's wife. Do you think that Opal had trouble being a Preacher's daughter? Please refer to the end of chapter 4 and give evidence to support your thoughts. Your answer should be no less than 3 well developed sentences. Punctuation, spelling, and grammar count. 
  • Grammar: pg. 160 Exercise 1. The work needs to be done in the Vocabulary/Grammar section of the 3 Subject ELA notebook. It should be labeled with the date and page #. Due: Thursday 9/28
  • Unit 1 Vocabulary & Spelling test will be Friday 9/29
  • Weebly Entry #2 (under the Independent Novel 17-18 tab) due Tuesday 10/10
Hello 7th Grade Families,
    Today, we started class off by reviewing last night's grammar homework. The 7th graders did a great job! We moved on to Possessive and Plural Nouns. The identification of: singular, singular plural, plural, and plural possessive can become tricky as can knowing when to just put an apostrophe and when it is necessary to add an s or es rather than just an apostrophe. We will be going over this again on Thursday. They will have a 10 question assignment that is due Thursday. I told the 7th graders that I want them to try to complete the homework as the directions say even if they have trouble. We will go over it class, and it will be explained. 

In the last 10 minutes of class we also read Chapter 5 of Because of Winn-Dixie

Mrs. Baier