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  • DUE Thursday 9/28: Google Classroom Discussion Question #1: Opal's father told her that her mother HATED being a Preacher's wife. Do you think that Opal had trouble being a Preacher's daughter? Please refer to the end of chapter 4 and give evidence to support your thoughts. Your answer should be no less than 3 well developed sentences. Punctuation, spelling, and grammar count. 
  • Unit 1 Vocabulary & Spelling test will be Friday 9/29
  • Weebly Entry #2 (under the Independent Novel 17-18 tab) due Tuesday 10/10
Hello 7th Grade Families,
    Today, we reviewed the grammar homework that was due today. The 7th graders did a great job, and we were able to move onto pronouns which included: antecedents and labeling: personal, possessive, indefinite, and demonstrative pronouns. I also asked questions regarding direct objects, subject complements: predicate nominative and predicate adjective, as well as, subject predicate. They did great! 
    After we worked on grammar, we went to the lab and read chapters 6 and 7 from Because of Winn-Dixie. We reviewed how the setting has negatively affected our main character, Opal, and we discussed ways that it has affected her in a positive way. We discussed that the setting caused conflict because it is hard for Opal to make friends and her mom is not a part of the setting. We also discussed diction and using inference skills to determine a character's background. We read about Miss Franny Block and felt empathy. We felt bad for Miss Franny Block because, like Opal, she was alone and had no friends left. Again, we discussed cause and effect and because of Winn-Dixie Opal and Miss Franny Block talked and became friends. 

Mrs. Baier