Mary Poppins Cast

There will be a script read-through tomorrow after school till 4:30 pm. As planned.

Since there was no school last week, we will have a script read-through next Tuesday, January 23rd from 3:15 till 4:30 pm.

 Welcome to 7th Grade Homeroom

Late Work Policy

ATTENTION 6th, 7th, & 8th Graders 

Please take note of my classroom's late work policy.
  • 6th: Your IRN will lose 5 points every day it is late. 
    • Work must be done in the notebook or it will lose 4 points automatically.
  • 7th & 8th: If your Weebly is late, you must email me when it is published. 
    • Your Weebly loses 1 point (out of 10) for every day that it is late.
    • Please make sure you check that your work published- if you can not see it I can not see it. 
  • If anything else is due online and submitted late an email must be sent.
  • If an assignment is 5 days late it will receive a failing grade.
  • Sadlier Vocabulary and Grammar homework is due on the assigned date and WILL NOT be accepted late for any reason because it is checked the day it is due. (If you are absent, I will check your work when you get back) 
  • If you are absent, YOU are responsible for checking the homework page and making up your work.  
Weebly & IRN Assignments are always due as follows: (unless specifically noted otherwise)
6th: 8 a.m. Tuesday morning (biweekly) 
7th: 8 a.m. Tuesday morning (biweekly) 
8th: 8 a.m. Wednesday morning (biweekly) 

The following is a list of frequent assignments and how much time is given to complete them: 
  • 6th IRN=2 weeks
  • 7th & 8th Weebly= 2 weeks
  • Sadlier Vocabulary pages= 6-7 days 
  • Grammar pages and/or worksheet (usually no more than 10 questions)= 1-2 days 


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