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  • Grammar Workbook pg. 148 Exercises 1 & 2. Students must identify all parts of the sentence just like we did on the board. Students should have copied that chart from the board into their Workbook/Notebook. 
  • Grammar CHECK Friday on Direct Objects and Subject Complements (predicate nominative and predicate adjective)
Hello 7th Grade Families,

Today we started the lesson off by identifying Direct Objects and explaining what they are. I explained to the whole group that if they are having trouble remembering the direct object they must review their notes at home. In grammar is it very important to go back an review because everything we do in grammar builds on something that has been done already. After this we moved on identifying Subject Complements. We discussed that Subject Complements can be classified as either predicate nominatives or predicate adjectives. At the end of class I explained the homework and gave the 7th graders a chance to start. I told them that even if they finished their homework they should bring their notebook home to review and maybe even teach their parents what we did today!

Mrs. Baier