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Hello 7th Grade Families,

Today we finished answering the questions for the article we were working on. Afterwards I began to explain the next writing assignment the class will be expected to complete. In lieu of a book report I am having the 7th graders write something a bit different. In the book, The Giver, it ends with Jonas leaving and the memories returning to the Community. We know what happened to Jonas, but based on how the book was written we do not know what happened to the rest of the community. The 7th graders must write a minimum 1/2 page maximum 2 pages describing (from the narrator's point of view) what happened in the Community when the memories returned. The 7th graders must focus on at least one memory that Jonas received and therefore gave back and how it affects someone in the Community. Everything must be written in 3rd person, just like it was in the novel. I explained that in the rubric under the 7th grade quality work that encompasses: spelling, grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, and dialogue.There is a rubric attached to the document in Google Classroom as well the bottom of this post.

Mrs. Baier 

Ending Assignment.gdoc
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